Warrior Wave

Featuring an Ancient Greek theme, Warrior Wave is a puzzle-platform game in which players assume the role of Zeus and guide Hoplites on a perilous quest to conquer Mt. Olympus. Through rivers of lava, lethal obstacles, and mythological monsters, and a total of 80 levels of play, the game provides a balanced mix between puzzle solving and skill levels.



Warrior Wave introduces a never-before-seen depth-based hand control that is both fun and challenging. The hand outline acts as a physical object in the game world, allowing players to manipulate characters and objects based on their motions. By simply using their hand’s silhouette, players can stop Hoplites, lift them, bounce them, make a bridge, and much more, in order to make sure they arrive safely to the exit portal. The journey goes through four different worlds: Garden of Athena, Fields of War, Poseidon’s Kingdom, and Depths of Hades. Each world offers a wide range of obstacles and props to players. These include: lightning bolts, evil wards, locked doors and keys, gates with buttons, walls with bombs, and spikes and crushers. Players will also encounter three types of Hoplites along the way: Basic, Sleeping, and “Cursed” ones. With a funny and engaging storyline, great characters, and mythological monsters and environments, players will enjoy an adventure toward success with this fun and addictive game.

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