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Romans From Mars

In Romans from Mars, players must defend their castle from an invading Martian army led by Mars, the God of War. The game brings a fresh new perspective to a popular genre by changing the player’s perspective to a 1st person view and introducing them to a whole new take on Roman mythology. Romans from Mars runs on iOS, Android , Amazon, Windows and on VR platforms.

Romans From Mars redefines the endless wave genre, bringing players deeper into gameplay and the world by showcasing the humorous  personalities of the 11 different Martian enemy types. 

To survive and thrive in Romans from Mars, the player, a lowly Roman soldier, must defeat wave after wave of Martians. In addition to the player’s upgradeable crossbow ballista, Jupiter, the King of the Gods, has also endowed the player with powerful elemental powers of Fire, Ice, Earth and Lightning. Controls are as easy as a single tap to shoot arrows, and a one, two, or three finger swipe to unleash deadly elemental powers.  

Here is how you can help support the game, in 4 easy steps:
  1. Download the game from iTunes, Windows Phone Store, Amazon Kindle or Google Play. It's FREE! 
  2. Like us on Facebook at facebook.com/romansfrommars and follow us on Twitter at twitter.com/MarsNeedsYou
  3. Promote the cool video http://youtu.be/HZB6kio5Nds
  4. Share, retweet, and tell your friends about the game!




Get it on Google Play    Dr Jolt for Windows8 

Look for VR versions on Samsung Gear VR , Google Cardboard for iOS, Android and Merge VR 

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