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Intel® Ultrabook™ Candies

Created for Intel's Ultrabooks, the three Unltrabook Candies create additional WOW effect in points of sale, cross- retailers, selling Ultrabooks worldwide. Candies are a set of “digital desktop toys” that use seamless control (touch & gestures) with fine graphics that create immediate “want” effect for the potential buyer.

Since the Candies are so easy-to-use “interactive toys", they guide potential users and allow them to practice new seamless controls.

AQUARIUM A beautiful, tranquil aquarium in our Ultrabook. Use either touch or motion controls to feed your fish and interact with them. BLOCK FLING The best part of building a tower with toy blocks is knocking it down afterwards!

Use either touch or motion controls to fling colorful blocks around. JOLT Give your mind a quick jolt with this shocking puzzler.

Use touch or motion controls to electrify the field and move conductors. Solve a variety of puzzles to create fantastic lightshows! You can download these Candies here for free !


Block Fling:



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