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AirTime introduces players to the Air Walkers, an ancient tribe that lives in a city above the clouds. They have lived there since an evil demon chased them away from the ground.

The hero of the game is a young boy who defies the warnings of the elders and takes a peak at the world below. This alerts the demon to the Air Walkers' hiding place. When the demon captures the entire tribe, the boy has to come down from the clouds to save his people.

In the game, you travel from high above the clouds to the bowels of the earth using ancient aerial pathways. You jump through the air-, glide, slide and use various attacks to defeat the demon's minions. Control the hero as he goes from a helpless boy to a mighty warrior.

AirTime is a truly innovative motion game. It's the first controller-free 3D platformer ever created. The game offers highly intuitive pick up and play gameplay and provides challenges for even the best of players.

The game features many levels spread over different environments and a unique, highly competitive multiplayer mode. This game was built especially for the Eedoo platform's motion sensing capabilities.

AirTime developed by Side-Kick Games.



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