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The game is in limited release in selected countries.

Agro: is a new kind of a mobile game combining unique arcade gameplay and RPG elements.

An evil magic lord from another dimension has begun to attack the kingdom by opening vortexes from his world. Massive armies of monsters emerge and entire areas are under siege by the evil magic lord's army. Your father, the king, has a more obedient approach to what's happening, but you defy him, gather a group of brave heroes to stop the invasion. Journey through multiple worlds, win battles and eventually fight the evil lord himself only to find out that the secrets behind him.

● Build – Assemble the ultimate party of heroes – fighters, sorcerers and spirit warriors. Choose your heroes wisely in order to defeat any challenge coming your way – each hero has its own unique abilities. Use swords, arrows and spirit attacks to destroy even the most powerful enemies.

● Battle – Journey through multiple worlds and fight an army of evil monsters. Unite heroes to unlock their amazing powers and release powerful attacks.

● Upgrade – Collect battle chests, gems, rings and artifacts to unlock new heroes. Upgrade heroes to enhance their amazing new abilities.

Here is how you can help support the game, in 4 easy steps.
  1. Download the game from Google Play.
  2. Like us on Facebook at facebook.com/agrothegame and follow us on Twitter at twitter.com/SideKickLTD
  3. Like & Share the cool video below.
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