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At Side-Kick, we create full games, demos, prototypes, and also work on interesting experimental projects for partners with innovative technologies that are looking to establish themselves in the entertainment world. 
From free-to-play mobile games to downloadable console titles, Side-kick has the ability and track record to deliver quality titles on a wide range of devices and platforms.

Whether the game features a mad scientist who is performing experiments with electricity in Dr. Jolt(iOS), or requires us to transform players into martial arts masters in Mini Ninjas Adventures (Xbox360) Side-kick makes heroes and delivers quality games for all platforms.

We love to play with new technologies and believe that the interface has a major impact on the user experience.
Side-Kick utilizes new technologies such as VR, AR and Motion to deliver the best mobile gaming experience. 
We have close ties with motion control technology pioneers as well as unparalleled hands-
on development experience all of which provides the company with the ability to deliver on short
development cycles while creating groundbreaking games that fully utilize the latest technology.

Verticals: F2P Mobile, VR, AR, Touch-Screen, New Interface Technology, Console and PC



Our development services include:

  • Content
  • Game Design
  • Creative Services
  • Cross-Platform Production
  • Project Management
  • Live Services
  • Distribution





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