Our Philosophy

  • We develop fun games – after all, if a game isn’t fun, why would anyone want to play it?
  • We strive for excellence – quality is very important to us, and a reflection of our passion and commitment to our partners and players.
  • We lead innovation – by embracing new technology and platforms early, we maintain our reputation as a cutting edge studio.
  • We focus on user experience – making the play experience feel natural and seamless makes Side-kick games more comfortable and intuitive for players.
  • We share our knowledge – we are strong believers in a strong ecosystem of developers and support our friends and partners so together we achieve more.
  • We believe in hard work – we will do our absolute best to create the most polished, smooth gaming experiences.
  • We love what we do – we strive to work on great projects with a team that dreams big and turns those dreams into reality. There’s nothing more motivating or rewarding for us.

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