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Side-Kick’s Top notch team of game industry veterans and entrepreneurs have been at the forefront of developing games for new interfaces and systems since 2010. Among them is the team behind the prototypes and demos for the PrimeSense technology, which powers Microsoft’s Kinect™ for the Xbox 360™. 

We have the know-how to take a concept and bring it completely to market with full development, design, production and live team support. We approach each stage of development, production and operation under a strategic plan to ensure we have the right people working on each project at the right stage, while maximizing speed and quality. 

Side-Kick has unparalleled hands-on development Experience creating ground-breaking games and experiences that fully utilize gesture technology on mobile devices such as Smartphones and Tablets, and via 2D and 3D motion camera interface systems such as next generation consoles and Smart-TVs. 

Side-Kick maintains close ties with technology leaders which provides the company with the ability to deliver under fast development cycles and always be at the forefront of making playing games more intuitive and natural on all devices and systems.

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