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Side-Kick is one of the largest and most experienced game development studios in Israel, focusing on casual and mid-core games. Side-Kick was started in 2010 by veteran gaming industry entrepreneurs in Israel. Since its inception, Side-Kick creates games for the Xbox360 Kinect, motion controlled PCs, and touch screen based kiosks, as well as phones and tablets for game publishers and blue-chip technology partners.

Side-Kick’s close ties with its partners as well as unparalleled hands-on development experience, provide the company with unique access to faster development cycles and the ability to create ground-breaking games.

Whether we develop a tech demo for a client, partner with a publisher for a F2P mobile game or license an original IP, we are creating a ground-breaking experience that will keep players engaged and provide hours of fun.

Side-Kick has partnered with market leaders including PrimeSense, Softkinetic, Extreme Reality (XTR), eeDoo China , HiSense , Haier and Omek to provide games for their platforms. Side-Kick is backed by Wekix, Kima Ventures, Jasmine Group, Celartem and private investors.

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