Other Games

EEDDO EEDOO Sports is a set of extreme sports and activities motion games.

AirTime Airtime introduces the player to the ancient tribe of Air Walkers.

MiniNinjas Mini Ninja Adventures is an action Kinect game dev. for SqrEnix Ltd.

Prime Action

The perfect compilation of Introductory Mini-Games Package for PrimeSensor Platforms. The Introductory Games Pack is the perfect collection of mini-games which introduce players to the innovative and fun experience of playing gesture games on PrimeSensor equipped platforms.

Be a part of Prime Team, an elite unit trained to handle the most extreme of conditions and face the gravest of dangers. They are always ready, always waiting for the call. Sitting in their super secret training facility in the south pacific, they train, and wait, and train some more. Help them keep in shape while learning to use the new motion -control interface.

PrimeAction includes five mini-games and an online update system that allows updating existing games and adding new levels.

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Prime Action developed by Side-Kick Motion Games.