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Side-Kick is a family and mid-core games development studio. We specialize in games that use human gestures, motions and touch as the game's controllers. Side-Kick was created by veteran gaming industry entrepreneurs. Since its inception, it created games for the Xbox360 Kinect, PCs and tablets for publishers and technology makers. Side-Kick specializes in advance casual games for platforms such as the Xbox360 Kinect, PS3 Move, depth (3D) cameras and webcams. 

Side-Kick has already partnered with market leaders including PrimeSense, Softkinetic, extreme reality (XTR), eeDoo China , HiSense , Haier , Omek and XTR to provide games to their platforms.
Side-Kick was founded by veteran games industry entrepreneurs. Among them is the team behind the prototypes and demos for the PrimeSense technology. Side-Kick's close ties with motion control technology pioneers as well as unparalleled hands-on development experience provide the company with the ability to deliver on faster development cycles and create ground-breaking games that fully utilize gesture technology.

Side-Kick offers complete games, working prototypes as well as production and development services for various platforms and needs. Side-Kick's know-how covers next-gen depth cameras, a variety of middleware and webcam based interfaces. Additionally, Side-Kick funds external game projects and brings them to market via its network of OEM clients and relationships with leading video game publishers.

Side-Kick is backed by Wekix, Kima Ventures, Jasmine Group, Celartem and private investors.


Side-Kick's team is comprised of seasoned industry entrepreneurs who joined with the team that developed the games for the demos of the first full motion-control depth camera. The team has a unique hands-on experience working with various motion-control interfaces.

* Guy Bendov, CEO
An interactive entertainment serial entrepreneur with 20 years experience. Founded Double Fusion, a leader in the in-game advertising space, Journeys, Cellular Magic and Click! Online, a casual games studio. Founded GameIS, the Israeli games association.

* Tal Raviv, Production and Operations
Tal has 16 years experience in game development management, including projects for Accolade, EA (IAF, USAF), 3DO, Eidos (25 to Life, all the shared technology teams) and Oberon Media.

* Asaf Sela, Creative Director
Asaf has 10 years of video game development, animation, TV commercials and broadcast media experience. Lead a team of 40 artists in the Animation studio “Animation Lab”.


At Side-Kick, we strive for perfection. We have been working on developing motion games geared for various platforms, since 2007. We have found that the design and the development of games and application with motion interfaces require considerable expertise. What is conventionally accepted and intuitively understood in touch games, may not work in motion control. There is no substitute for experience.
We believe in sharing. We have been working with other pioneers to learn and perfect the user experience as well as the implementation of motion control interfaces, in new and exciting games and applications that are made specifically to be used with gestures and motions. As our mass-market audience will be "waving", "pointing", "sliding" and "swiping" very soon in front of their Smart TVs and Set-top boxes, we are committed to support and contribute to the entire development community. 

Recent News

Side-kick releases free mini games for Ultrabooks

Side-kick has released for Intel® three free mini games for its Ultrabook™ line, featuring motion and touch interfaces.


Side-Kick presenting at IFA

At IFA Side-kick will be showing new games for the 2nd generation of Intel's Ultrabooks. More information on that soon

GDC Europe

Side-kick will be at GDC Europe this week. Contact us to see the awesome new PC and Tablet games we are coming up with.


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